Most male Broadway actors can be divided into two camps:

  • The ones who played Roger in their high school production of Rent
  • The ones who played Mark

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Someone in London is doing a production of Sweeney Todd in an actual London pie shop and I have never in my life wanted to see something so badly.

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get to know me meme: [1/5] musicals » west side story

Today the minutes seem like hours, the hours go so slowly, and still the sky is light
Oh moon, grow bright, and make this endless day endless night!

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Broadway Theaters

Studio 54, Broadway, August Wilson, Neil Simon, Gershwin, Circle in the Square, Winter Garden, Ambassador, Eugene O’Neill, Walter Kerr, Longacre, Cort, Samuel J. Friedman, Barrymore, Brooks Atkinson, Palace, Lunt-Fontanne, Richard Rodgers, Marquis, Imperial, Music Box, Lyceum, Al Hirschfeld, John Golden, Bernard B. Jacobs, Schoenfeld, Booth, Minskoff, Majestic, Broadhurst, Shubert, Belasco, St. James, Helen Hayes, American Airlines, Lyric, New Amsterdam, Nederlander, Stephen Sondheim

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"This is a musical, ma’am. If there’s no gay, there’s a problem."

—Andrew Rannalls  (via holysmoaks0913)

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WOW! Ok I hit 2K which is seriously impossible to fathom.  Like that’s just weird. SO anyways I’ve never done a follow forever before and saw lots of people doing it ( lots of people being lilycravens lol) so I just decided to do one! These are all the blogs that basically get me excited when I see them on my dash!


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That was barely anyone whoops. I probably left like 50 people out. Now I feel bad. (BTW, I did this in no particular order. just by first letter, but not by the rest cuz I don’t feel like putting that much time into it. Yoy can just tell how lazy I am.) Bye, thanks guys!!

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500 followers?? this is crazy. you guys are crazy. what are you doing here?? i appreciate and love every single one of you hooligans that’s reading this. this website would be no fun without all of the wonderful friends i’ve made. i admire all of your blogs and all of you as humans. 


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sondheim musicals are awful



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I seriously just want to die

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for Jess

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Toss toss {Elphaba & Fiyero}

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When people say they don’t like Broadway:


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