word: PARTY show: DOGFIGHT

off to a party with him / look you’re off to a party / a five-piece band / he’ll take your hand / and he’ll twirl you around / buy you a drink / don’t stop to think / just go! / off to a party with him

Before and after you…

6/8 cast moments: the bridges of madison county musical meets the press


get to know: Laura Osnes

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You know, I’ve had the honor to work with Susan Stroman on Young Frankenstein, Kathleen Marshall on Anything Goes, Leigh Silverman on Violet, Susan Schulman on Little Women. It’s awesome! (x)

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I wouldn’t be able to say no to Corey Cott. I would just be like throwing my money at him like JUST TAKE IT YOU’RE SO ADORABLE

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YAAAASSSSS I just saw thechief-theguide-thecentre win that pumpkin Obama mask on YouTube. I’m just like slayyyyy

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Wicked Challenge (Five G(a)lindas)

Kristin Chenoweth (original Glinda – Broadway, Pre-Broadway)

“There’s actually one sentence in the book that summed it up for me, and I thought, “Oh, I’m on the right track here.” The line is something like: “Glinda positions herself perfectly in front of the window so the sunlight can hit her curls for all to see.” I thought, “There you go!” ”

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5 celebrity crushes: aaron tveit

"i can clap with one hand."

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Ramin Karimloo keeps still for a wig adjustment. Photo by maxgordonphotography.

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Broadway Flea Market, 9/21/14

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